RoW80 Check-in: November 27th!

“And so they continued up the gradual slope toward the stables, while Gilferen contended with the knot of dread in his stomach. It wasn’t exactly the gobbits that caused it, or even the dangers and discomfort of the desert ahead of them. It was just a good, old-fashioned bad feeling and he glanced toward the others to see any signs of it in them as well.”

I hope all of my fellow Americans had a good Thanksgiving! I know I did, but the holiday craziness (especially working in retail) has caused me to take a little bit of a breather from my goals and take a moment to do the RoW80 thing and reassess some things. So there hasn’t been a great deal of work being done, but a lot of rearranging and rethinking for this check-in of A Round of Words in 80 Days. Here’s the break-down:

Serpent in a Cage: Though I haven’t had much time to work on SiaC since the last update, I went to see Immortals last night, and, holy crap. The movie itself was really not very good at all, but visually and creatively, it was absolutely delicious! A lot of the theme in the movie are reflected in both SiaC and the sequel that’s being written for NaNo, so I have a lot of food for thought on how to revamp and rework it to take all the things I liked about Immortals and apply it, and hopefully avoid the great big fat list of things I didn’t like about it. Also, I realized that, if only Frida Pinto’s skin tone was a little darker and if I found out she could be kick-ass, she’d make a pretty good Auferrix…. Anyway, page count: 130.

Novel in 6 Months: I have finally reached the point where my padding is all used up and it’s time to get started on my Novel in 6 Months again. I plan to churn out probably 1000 words of it tonight, barring any distraction by my roommate, who has discovered another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. So help us, we have a problem with reality competition shows, but those doll are feeeeeiiiiirrce. ANyway, I still continue to drool over American Horror Story and so I’m going ot try to revamp the story to sort of fit in with all the things I love about it, but while still keeping it unique to my own vision and story. Should be interesting. We’re going to be getting a lot more of this one soon, though! Word count: 58,591.

750 Words: Although I’ve signed up for the December challenge, after some careful consideration and several days of just skipping it and being happier over all, I think I’m going to take a break from 750 words. It’s starting to feel more like an annoying chore than anything else, and the writing that I’ve been producing in the last few times have been fairly useless. I have other projects demanding my attention, and, really, it seems silly to worry about 750 random words when you’re netting over 2000 words on other projects that are actually amounting to something.

NaNoWriMo: So I’m definitely over 10k behind on NaNo…Work scheduling has been crazy, so I don’t know if I have my usual Monday/Tuesday days off, but, if I do, I know what I’ll be spending them on. I’m still so much closer to winning than I have ever been in any of my previous attempts, so if it means staying up until Midnight on Wednesday, then so be it! I will get there! I might even drag my roommate to the theater and suffer through Immortals again, because I know that film, bad as it was, was incredibly inspiring for this piece and with that fire under my feet, I think I can really do it! Just goes to show you how something doesn’t need to be brilliant to inspire you (although, really, the visuals in that film were brilliant; the script and the pacing was just terrible, though). I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’ve taken my break, I’ve had my recharge, and I’m ready to do it! Word count: 35,005.

Short Stories: All quiet on the short story front. Hoping this changes a little once NaNo is not so much of a concern and that WIP is relegated to an easier pace.

100 Books Project: I’ve got another finished book waiting to be reviewed in the wings, making good progress on some others, so things are going well there. It seems I always find time to read, and I’m excited to see how close to 100 I can get this year. Books read: 54/100.

Black Dome Society: I haven’t had much time for brainstorming or writing up a few mock first chapters like I should be, but I’m hoping some outlining happens in the next few days and I can get going on that soon. Right now, though, it’s just sitting there waiting patiently for this weekend to end, because this weekend was terrible.

But it’s Sunday, which means the weekend is almost over and I’ve excited to have a much more thrilling update on Wednesday. How’s your progress going? Have you had to do much readjusting in your goals? How about your NaNo progress? Are you looking forward to a week of trying to get things back on track like I am, too? As always, thanks for checking in on me, and don’t forget to check up on my fellow RoWers here!

One more day of work and the weekend is over! I can’t hardly wait for 5:00 to roll around!


  1. I stopped using 750words back in October, although I will admit that it got me in the habit of banging on the keyboard every day which was the reason to do it in the first place. I’d say you have no issue there and letting it go will give you more time for other things.

    So many projects, you really inspire me. All my hopes for you in NaNo by the way. You are so close, I just know you’ll make it. It’s worth the loss of a bit of sleep πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

    • Thank you so much, Gene! You blowing NaNo out of the water definitely inspired me to keep trying at it and striving to do as much as I could even on my busy days, so we’re even steven on inspiration.

      And you’re right, totally worth the lack of sleep. I’ve skipped on sleep for worst things before! Meanwhile, maybe 750 words is a really good starting point to get into a habit, but, once you’ve got that habit, I feel there are just more effective platforms to getting stuff done.

  2. Just finished Nano yesterday and will begin the tedious edits tonight. This should take another month. Glad to see you are busy with so many projects. I have several concepts floating around in my brain, too, including a novel I started as this year’s original Nano project but stopped at 8k words. Of course, I finished the “official” Nano novel with a foreshadowing of a sequel. Then there’s the romance novel that people say I can’t write. Wrong gender, apparently. Whatever.

    Maybe there is ADD for writers? I may seem to have it.

    Keep working! Herr Lempp is correct – you are an inspiration to many.

    • If there’s a writer-specific ADD, don’t worry, D.J., I’ve got it, too. If you couldn’t tell. Ahem.

      I’m impressed that you’re hitting the editing right away; I would want to wash my hands of it for a week first, just to get a break! Good luck, and congrats on the early finish!

      I can only approve of the “wrong gender” writing a romance novel. I want to read that book now, and I don’t even like romance….Well, that’s probably why I want to read it, actually.

    • I feel like a NaNo zombie, except instead of braaaaaains, I must. have. woooord couuuuunts, rraaarrrrrrg!

      I’ll get there! I’ve got to! This is the closest I’ve ever been. Thanks so much for the support, Medeia!

  3. I’m still trying to figure out if I want to watch Immortals or not. I’m glad it gave you ideas for your novel though. When I was working on my Adult novel, which had elements of Greek mythology in it, I found it very useful watching movies in the same vein. It gave me a lot of ideas too.

    Can’t wait to see how many books you read for the year! Hope you have a great week!

    • I think Immortals definitely worth a watch, especially if you don’t go in expecting to be wowed by anything except the visuals. The visuals alone are worth sitting through the surprisingly boring pace of plot and the shockingly few action scenes. It’s such a beautiful movie; I almost wish they’d put as much creativity into the story as they had the design, but then all that gorgeous scenery and costuming and color play would have been diminished. To the eye, it was refreshing and inspiring. To the brain, not so much. Maybe wait to catch it on Netflix ; )

      And I’m hoping to at least get to 78, one more than the last time I did this challenge, but we’ll see! Thanks for the support, Komal!

  4. Sometimes it’s as simple as an idea put forth in a work that gets my brain working. I would see Immortals just for the visuals. What you’ve accomplished is amazing.

    I need to learn from you — whenever I see or read anything close to what I’m writing I fall on the floor and have a fit: “Why, why? Now what am I gonna do — should I write the author? Tell them I really am working on something similar — nonono, I can’t do that!”

    See? So, now I’ll calmly read/view it and say, oh — I could get ideas from this.

    • Definitely recommend taking in Immortals just to enjoy how damn beautiful the thing is. The colors and the costuming and the sets. Ohmygod, I’m drooling again just thinking about them.

      Sometimes I definitely do get a little bummed when I come across something that I thought of and there’s an author or TV writer doing a much better job with it than I could have, but then I feel my next challenge is to figure out how I can stick with my idea, but now make it different (and maybe even better!) than the other guys. Who knows what might become of it?

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by, Amy!

  5. As always, L.S., reading your check-in leave me a bit breathless. Here I’ve been contemplating my existence for several days, and you, well, you’ve been lighting fire to the atmosphere. Great job on so many of your goals; oh, and I’m still laughing about your tweet where you’re writing and “Boys, Boys, Boys” comes on Pandora πŸ™‚

    • Ha, thanks, Elizabeth! Yeah, that was a great moment, when I’m sitting there, typing away, and then I really realize what I was listening to and had a pretty good laugh.

      And thank you so much for your support! You guys are all awesome; you probably think I’m crazy when I say that it feels like I haven’t been doing much of anything at all! But you help make me change my tune, look over what I have actually accomplished, and I feel really, really good about it.

    • 10k seems like so much, but it’s still definitely do-able! I think I’ll get there; I’ve gotten the chance to work through today and do a lot of catch up!

      I hope you enjoy the reviews, deniz, and best of luck to finishing your NaNo as well!

  6. Keeping fingers crossed for your nano – I’m sure you can do it ( I’m leaving mine till the new year before editing etc because I have a lot of unfinished ends to tidy up)

    all the best for this week

    • I’ll be spending November finishing up all the writing that I know should be in there because this piece is so longer than 50k, and there will be a great big editing process, too. Right now, all I’m worried about is getting the word count, and then we’ll make it look all nice.

      Thanks for the luck, Alberta! I’m almost there!

    • Thanks, Lauralynn! Thanks to a lot of catch-up today, I really have high hopes for Wednesday! It’s not exactly 10k, but I’ve caught up on about 5,000 already and there’s still three more hours til bedtime! Whoo! I don’t even know why I was worried to begin with. πŸ™‚

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