I’m a Versatile Blogger Again!

I was incredibly grateful and pleased and honoured to check my email last night to see that A Story a Day has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award! Hooray! One day, I might even figure out how to put the little graphic thingy in a side bar on here. OH, technical stuff!

I do love this award, because it’s such a fun one, though I’m never sure who to nominate in return, because a lot of people I follow have already gotten one, but this is my second one, so why not deal the honor of a second (or maybe even more!) out to some other people. Accepting the Award has three parts:
he Award has three parts:

#1: Thank the person who nominated you.

#2: Pass this award to 15 newly discovered bloggers and let them know you included them in your post.

#3: List 7 things about yourself.

So, let us begin.

#1. Thank you, A Story a Day! I know I just started following you and, with my move, I feel terrible since I haven’t had a chance to read any of the stories that have been posted yet, but hopefully soon, I’ll be able to do so. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to submit my own. It was such a lovely surprise to see your comment about the nomination in my inbox before bed last night, and I’m really glad to read that you enjoy all the writer quotes posts I do. They’re usually my most popular, though they’re usually what I write when I have nothing else to write about!

#2. This one’s always a little tricky for me, because it asks that you nominate 15 blogs, and I don’t think I even follow fifteen blogs. I’m always bogged down and have trouble keeping up with things, so I know I usually only do a couple nominations myself. I’d like to offer one up to Grace over at Books Without Any Pictures, a great blog with some wonderful reviews on a bunch of books I keep adding to the neverending To-Be-Read list. I’m passing another on over to Sue Healy, because I can’t seem to stop linking to her blog anyway because I can’t stop loving and relating to all of her great, thoughtful posts about writing. And Lauralynn Elliot, too, not only because people with Laura names are cool (*ahem*), but so is she and her blog and her writing and her great RoW80 encouragement. If any of my current readers are already familiar with these lovely ladies, wonderful! If you aren’t, I highly recommend checking them out because they’re wonderful.

#3. And, lastly, it’s time to bore treat everyone to seven things about L.S. Engler that you may not have known before:
-My favorite band is Cake. Easily, unrefuted, don’t even need to think about it, this is my favourite band in the entire world. I’ve been a fan since a boyfriend introduced me to them in high school, and I almost even got to see them this winter, but things never worked out. TOTAL BUMMER. I have a series of books planned that have short stories all written based on their songs. The titles of the books? Cake Stories. Only one of the stories (based on Jolene) is even written, but that’s a start, right?
-I have minor alektorophobia. That’s the fear of chickens. That’s right. Chickens creep me out (if they’re alive; I love them when they’re dead and tasty). You get weird fears like this when you grow up on a farm with a psychotic, possibly homicidal free-range rooster.
-I’ve been working customer service jobs for almost a decade now. Started at McDonald’s for six years to get me through school and now I’m a manager at a tea store and a temp at a department store. I am so, so ready to hold down my writing and make it work until I can get paid for something like that for a change. Sometimes, retail is just toooo muuuuuch.
-My favorite superheroes are Batman, the Hulk, and Aquaman. Especially Aquaman.
-The DragonLance series were the first books that really inspired me to be a writer. I started reading them in fifth grade, was instantly inspired, and was never the same ever since. I’ve unearthed the original trilogy while moving and have been thinking about how I should ready them again, knowing how much they inspired my younger brain and marvel over how much that original inspiration has changed and shifted.
-I can touch my nose with my tongue. It’s one of those random little abilities that are probably mostly genetics that you never stop being a little proud of.
-I get addicted to really bad reality TV shows. I don’t mean really bad like Jersey Shore, but sometimes, it’s bad. My roommate and I are potentially planning a Toddlers & Tiaras marathon for our housewarming (with drinking game! Drink every time there’s a contestant with a K name, a ‘uniquely’ spelled name, or a boy contestant! We will be wasted!), and lately, I’m all about Nanny 911, Obsessed, and Monster Quest! I blame Netflix entirely for this terrible, awful, no-good addiction.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ve got to run and get ready for soul-sucking work now, so I hope you all have a wonderful day. And thanks again, A Story a Day!

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