RoW80 Check-in: October 12th.

“With a flash of red spreading across her face as bright as the flower in her dark hair, Awngel’s eyes widened and she looked poised to slap him. ‘Locke Mandrake Battarack,’ she said stiffly. ‘You are extremely crude.’
‘But am I incorrect?’ Locke countered, with a plaintive shrug to show that he didn’t have the energy to really argue the point.

As my post yesterday may have indicated, things have been a little loopy for me, what with the move and having a long work day yesterday, and I was afraid that my goals would have suffered a little bit because of it. As I sit here and consider my progress…sure, it was stunted a little bit, but suffered seems a little inaccurate. Really, when you look at it one way, I’ve been giving myself some padding to fall back on for when things like this crop up and I can’t do as much work. So let’s have a look, shall we?

Serpent in a Cage: Still having trouble with my soft goal of a chapter by each check-in. I tried that last Round, and it didn’t work, so it’s probably not going to work this time, either. With the move, I think I’ve missed a day (gasp!, I know!) of getting a page written and yesterday I only wrote half a page (and again, gasp!), but today I should definitely get more. Moving the last of the big furniture (my bed! my dresser!) and so everything but the boatloads of books downstairs should be ready to start getting settled in and my writing space for that project will be re-established. Hooray! Current Chapter: Seven. Pages: 96.

750 Words: Out of all my goals, this was the one out of any of them I have to do or else I get booted out of the October challenge. So it was the first thing I did yesterday, and it’s going along well, though I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the Gretel story. I might take a break and try something different just to rejuvenate my grasp on the project.

Novel in 6 Months: I did only the minimum 500 words on this one Monday, and barely anything with it yesterday. But considering I’m almost 9000 words over the word count goal at this point, I figured it would be okay, just as long as I don’t make a habit of it. It’s hard to sit my butt down for forty five minutes when I know I have a lot of other work to do with the move. Page count: 22. Word count: 14,415/80,000.

NaNoWriMo: No NaNo planning to speak of…but November’s going to be here sooner than we thing!

0 to 70: I’ve been slowly copy-pasta-ing Just Right from the 750 Words website so that I can edit it and hopefully post it before the weekend, next week at the latest, when I can proudly announce having at least one story completed. At eh moment, though, I am still most definitely 0/70.

So there ultimately isn’t a great leap in progress from the last check in, but everything’s still pretty solid and once the move is over, I imagine my productivity will happily skyrocket. How’s everyone else doing? Hopefully, I can swing by and see for myself! Until then, happy writing, everyone! Let’s all have a rocking weekend!


  1. You’ve managed a lot of writing – especially when you figure in a move!? Well done! Really. It’s more than I could have accomplished.

    Nice to see you’re ‘moving’ right along…ha! Have a great build up to the weekend.

  2. I think you’re doing great considering you’re trying to move during all of this. And you DID set your goals awfully high. LOL We all just do what we can and we should never beat ourselves up if we’re not perfect. I think you’re doing well at prioritizing, like making sure you do the 750 words first. It sounds like a win to me. šŸ™‚

  3. Mercy, moves are so stressful and tiring. You’ve done well in the midst of it. I’m going to be doing Nano as well. I have an inkling of an idea and the face of a character. We’ll see how far I get figuring out what to do by the time November rolls around.

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