This Web is World Wide.

Something very fascinating and very cool happened to me last week that, in the midst of moving and RoW80, I haven’t had a chance to really write about yet, and so I’m finally doing so now.

When I’m out of ideas for something to write, I’ll usual scour quote pages for good writer quotes to post on my blog and postulate about. Not too long ago, I made this post with a quote from author André Jute. Admittedly, I have never heard of André Jute before; I merely found his quote among many others, liked his the best, especially since he had great things to say about revising your work and that’s where my mind was. So I posted the quote, talked about it a little, and related it to Sue Healy‘s 6 month challenge.

Then something amazing happened.

André Jute returned the favour and quoted me on his blog, with a very encouraging title on how my aspirations are sure to get me somewhere. INSERT EXCITED SQUEE HERE. I felt so incredibly honoured and, not only that, but it made me really think about how, with this whole web blogging thing, so many authors who might have never crossed paths or influenced each other, now have the ability to do so. There’s a good chance that anyone I quote or reference, anyone whose book I review, can find it with just a little search of their name or clicking a tag. That’s so mind boggling and exciting for me. That actual published authors with real published works might actually associate themselves in some fashion with something I’ve said in this blog.

The Internet is a great thing, really. Maybe eventually I’ll get over my little fangirling excitement that other writers out there would be interested in what I have to say (and even like it so much as to pass it on to others!), but I hope not. It’s exciting and I love it, so thank you, André! It made my week, and hopefully now I can try to find out more about you and your work other than the fact that you have really great quotes about revision. And thank you to the community of writers and authors and readers that have been slowly building around me in my effort to get my foot in the door of this vast and fascinating world. I like to say I blog for myself, but, really, I blog just as much for things like this, too.

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  1. If you know more about Andre Jute, you wouldn’t be so thrilled. Check him out on the usenet; the man is a narcissistic sociopath. I kid you not.

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