RoW80 Round 4 – Begin!

“‘…Once a Battarack, always a Battarack, Taluin. So please. Let us help you.'”

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen! Today starts Round 4 of the spectacular Round of Words in 80 Days! For my readers who might not be familiar with RoW80 (which seems impossible because it probably comprises of about 25% of what I post in this blog), RoW80 is a great writing challenge that spans the course of 80 days. Set yourself a goal, any goal at all, and take 80 days to try to do so. The emphasis is on flexibility and learning what your limitations are; if you find out your goal isn’t working for you, well, then, just go ahead and adjust it accordingly. It’s that easy. Check-ins are every Sunday and Wednesday during the round, linked in a check-in post, and that’s where the best part of RoW80 comes in: you visit everyone else, see how they’re doing, cheer them on, and root for their success. There’s such a great community surrounding this challenge that really makes it work and makes it easy one of the best challenges I’ve ever decided to take on.

So what’s in store for L.S. Engler in Round 4? Very simply, I want to finish the rewrite of my book. I made it about half-way through on the last round, so it seems like a pretty reasonable goal, especially if I stick with it. Numbers wise, I’m going to continue my current focus of getting at least a page of it written every day. I would ideally like to have a new chapter finished by each check-in. I know sometimes life gets in the way, but I was able, for the most part, to manage that goal last time and, this time around, I’m beginning to be much better at time management and organizing my goals, so I’ve got a lot of faith that, come December 22nd, I’ll have a whole rewrite finished!

And how are all those other challenges I said I’d take on going?

750 Words: Still going strong on the October challenge, with an average of a little over 900 words so far. I’ve yet to do my words for today, but that’s because I tackle that after I write my blog. I’m probably about two or three days away from finishing my rough draft on the “Goh D. Lox” chapter for my fairy tale mental institution/correctional facility project.

Novel in 6 Months: I’ve been writing my 45 minutes delicately so far, giving me 2880 words so far! It’s off to a great start, though I’m starting to wonder if this this how I want to start the book. I will not go back and rewrite it, though, tempting as it may be. 77,120 words to go!

o to 70 in 69 Days: Story count so far: BIG FAT ZERO. Ha. I have a lot of short stories in the works, though, I’m just giving more attention to the other projects at this point in time, so that’s looking a little sad. There will be some cross-work going on here: the stories I’m putting together for 750 Words will eventually count, so I’m almost at one!

How are your goals going for you? Any exciting projects or accomplishments? And, if you get the chance, check out my fellow RoWers and cheer them on!


  1. I’m almost at one too. If I can just manage the time to edit that first sucker properly. I published my first pre-70 story last week and keep finding mistakes I have to go back and correct.

    Really not on, so my 0 to 70 in 69 days goals are shifting back and forth like Sahara dunes.

    • Ugh, having to tweak all those little things sometimes can be the worst. It can just seem never-ending.

      Nothing wrong with shifting sands! The way I see it, as long as something gets accomplished, then, really, you’re better off than you were in the first place.

      Besides, maybe we just need to hit our stride, and there’ll be no stopping us. Short stories everywhere!

    • Aww, shucks! Heh, thanks, Lauralynn! You’re pretty awesome, too. I’ve really been enjoying the pace and the set-up I have going on right now, so it’s been working great. I’m sure there will be those days where I’ve got work to deal with or whatever else that’ll throw a wrench into the nice gears I’ve got going, but I’m determined to not let myself get stressed over missing anything.

      …and to not stress out more if I get a little stressed, too. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Ghenet! I’ve got to admit, I’ve been enjoying revising it so much that I feel I should try something more challenging, but that’s probably a good thing!

    • Hey, no problem! The idea was totally Sue Healy’s, and I just kind of latched onto it because I loved the idea so much. And I like sharing things like that, because someone shared RoW80 with me, and if they’d have never have done it, I might never have discovered such a great thing!

  2. Good luck with your rewrites! I know what you mean about being dissatisfied with your beginning. I keep going back to tinker with mine, and it’s definitely derailing me. I hope the ROW80 challenge will keep me moving forward. Best of luck and happy writing!

    • One of my biggest flaws as a writer has always been my drive for perfection; when I write things out longhand, sometimes, if I make a mistake, I have to rip the whole page out and start over, even if it was all the way toward the end of the page. So I’ve been working hard at just continuing on despite mistakes, and I think it’s a big improvement. I definitely get a lot more done, and I just remind myself that corrections are what revisions are for. : )

      Thanks for stopping by, Jaime!

  3. Wow… you are a busy, busy person. Good Luck with the rewrites and all those writing challanges.
    Last round I was able to finish up Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon. I wrote it in 60 days (except for 10k words of it. Those had been written way back in 2008) It was edited and published and off to the copywrite office. Woot!
    Now i have begun the next book. I guess this will be a series. it is called Dragon Claw. I will be taking my writing goals this round 400 words at a time.

    • Oh, wow! I may be busy, but you’re productive! Nicely done! If could have that kind of success in 60 days, that would be brilliant.

      And, as a series writer myself, I must say yay series! Good luck! Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see how you’re doing during check-ins! Thanks for coming by, Linda!

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