RoW80 Check-In: September 14th.

“‘Don’t you think you’re being unreasonable here?’ Locke demanded, running his wrist across his chin. It was still bleeding, though it seemed to have slowed.
‘No.’ The answer was as simple and succinct as his next punch.”

It’s really hard to believe that this round of A Round of Words in 80 Days is nearly over! I know for a fact that my last soft goal, of getting our hapless party to the Caves by the end of the round, is probably not going to happen. Getting to the narrative midway point of Auferrix’s chapter might be the next reachable goal, but I’m going to go easy on myself and decide that as long as I get through getting Awngel on board, I’ll be pleased. A lot of the details and way things go were shifting around in my brain today. I finally have two days off (hooray!) and plan to get a lot of work done! Wish me luck!

Goal, for this round, has been a little bit of an arbitrary word for me. What’s important is that I’m writing and enjoying it (which everyone who’s been keeping up with my updates knows that I thoroughly have been) and that I have a platform from which I can talk about my WIP, get feedback and encouragement from others, and just keep on writing. I’m still a far cry away from my initial ‘goal’ of actually just finishing the second draft in this round, but I have still managed to make a lot of progress and a lot of great improvements on an already pretty good story, if I may say so myself. I wouldn’t have had the motivation or the drive without having joined RoW80 and without the support of my fellow RoWers. So thank you! Thank you all for stopping by and encouraging me on! And I’d like to encourage anyone who isn’t already participating in RoW80 to consider joining up on a future round. It’s a great motivator and a great bunch of people I feel very honoured to have started to get to know!

And speaking of great people, I’d like to thank Alica McKenna Johnson for the subscription! Welcome aboard! I hope my loosely “Harry Potter in Space” doesn’t disappoint!


  1. Yay for progress! And the support system of ROW80 is like none other – so glad to have joined in, and hope to see you in the next round! Enjoy your days off and I hope they’re both fun and productive for you, whatever you decide to do 🙂

    • Oh, definitely in for the next round! I’m in it for good, I think; I love RoW80 and it’s done wonders for my writing as a whole, and the community is just incredible. And I know I’ll enjoy the days off! Thanks for stopping by, Marie!

  2. ROW80 has been a fantastic group for me as well! Anyone who is thinking of joining should really give it a try. The support and encouragement to continue on toward our goals from fellow writers, the new ideas, the motivation you get at seeing a friend reach a goal they didn’t think they’d ever hit, having those same friends honestly care whether or not you’re having a positive week…Good stuff. I can’t wait for the next round to begin!

    Hope you get a bunch done on your two (TWO!) days off! ~ Nadja

    • TWO. I can hardly believe it. TWO. Glorious! =D

      And I really can’t wait, either. I’ll just have to get to thinking on what exactly the goal will be, but it’ll likely just be a continuation of this Round’s goal. : ) Thanks, Nadja!

  3. Any progress, regardless of amount, is still progress. The fact that you are having fun with writing is the most important thing. I’m with Marie and hope we will see you in the next round. I know I’m in. Have a great week 🙂

  4. I love ROW80, and I’m so thankful that Kait decided to do this. I’ve been with ROW80 since its beginning and have been a sponsor in every round. I really like the fact that you can change your goals around to suit your lifestyle at the time, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

    Just do what you can do with the time you have and don’t worry about that deadline. Make a new one. 🙂

    • And Lord knows I have to make a new one pretty often, but the fact of the matter is, I’m still doing so much more than what I did before joining RoW80. What more could you ask for, really? =D

  5. Enjoying writing is a winning goal. ROW80 has been amazing, and I’m eager to join Round 4. Hope you’ll be around, so I can get to know you better. Yeah for support and encouragement!

    Thanks for dropping by Depression Cookies and making me feel better about my odd cereal choices. 😉

  6. I love how positive you sound about your shifting goals. I think that’s been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned through ROW80: the reality of writing doesn’t always match what I plan to do, and it’s okay. It’s been wonderful watching your progress and reading the wee excerpts from your WIP, and I look forward to tackling Round 4 with you!

  7. With the shifting goals, that’s what appealed to me about this writing challenge. I can shift my goals, I don’t have to have the same goals as anyone else, and they don’t have to be strictly about writing something new.

    Good luck on hitting your adjusted goal!

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