750 Words and Flash Fiction Winner!

Even though the last thing I need is yet another little project-like thing to fill up my time, I’ve finally decided to check out 750 Words, and, boy, is this ever going to be a mistake or what! I Love it and it really puts into perspective how little writing I actually do at once because I’ve found writing 750 words to be much more difficult that I had anticipated. I’m sure part of the reason is that I’m not sure quite yet what I want to write about. I know, I know; the point is to write anything at all, but I want what I write to be substantial or potentially useable. I’ve only got two days under my belt (I’m bummed I was too late to make it for the month challenge, but there’s always October!), and they’re just random things, but I’d like to either take advantage of my prompt notebooks or decide on a novel to try to work on, 750 words at a time. It should be interesting to see how well I keep up with this new project.

Anyone else out there trying 750 Words? Seasoned veterans of it? What are your thoughts and experiences on it so far?

Or here’s a better question for anyone who’s like me and can’t seem to stop giving herself a ton of projects: WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?

And a big fat CONGRATULATIONS for my little Flash Fiction Contest goes to….

D.J. Lutz<!

I was going to do a poll, but there was no other contenders, so he took the cake with his little snippet about Mary Margaret Phinney and her need for a new Bob. Thanks for submitting, D.J.! It was a really cute read and you get to strut like a peacock for being awesome and participating.

Another nod of acknowledgment and gratitude also goes to Shanon for subscribing! I look forward to reading your stuff, too, Sharon! Welcome aboard!

One comment

  1. I would strut but I am sitting for the moment. I’ll take the win but it is too bad there were not more offerings. I have been so busy on my own project that I hadn’t stopped to write creatively in a while. Thanks for the prompt (and the little shove) to get me writing again!

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