Flash Fiction Prompt!

Recently, for something sort of fun and random, the wonderful Kait Nolan ran a little bit of a flash fiction challenge for her readers, and I won! The only prize, really, was bragging rights, but I decided to give it a go on a whim and it seems to have turned out quite well for me. It also reminded me of how much I love writing prompts and how I’ve been paying so much attention to novels, novels, novels lately that I haven’t been doing much on the frontier of shorter fiction. After all, the only things I do have published that I didn’t publish myself were two flash fictions on Communist China. Clearly, it’s a format that works for me, and one I should probably explore more often.

But I was also thinking it would be kind of fun to have some writing prompt contests on my own blog. Now, I know my readership is probably not even half of what Kait’s got, but I know there’s a few people and maybe this could pick up as something to do often. The only prize I can offer is more bragging rights, but that’s pretty valuable too, right? So here were go, a writing prompt; post a little blurb of fiction to go along with it and on Monday we’ll see if I can figure out how to do polls and vote for your favourite!

Image from Five-Minute Get-Away

Everywhere you looked, there were splashes of color. Reds and yellows, the green of the grass and the blue of the sky.

Have at it!

And also a big thanks to Kerry Meacham for the subscription! Good to have you aboard!


  1. Maggie gazed at the beautiful colors, the vivid red petals of the flowers, the green leaves slowly swaying in the breeze, the gentle water reflecting all of its’ surroundings. She then realized that a change was in order. Mary Margaret Phinney had ignored the obvious for so long, Mother Nature seemed to know and put the answer to her problem right in front of her eyes.

    Yes, Bob would have to wear something besides a blue pinstripe suit every day.

    Or she would have to find a new Bob.

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