Plot Hashing.

The New Novel Project is being put into hiatus for the moment; outside of RoW80 and NaNo, all my attentions now are going to be into trying to prep something for some e-publishing experimentation. I’ve been wracking my brain about the potential books I can try to spit out in a whirlwind writing frenzy to prep for publication, and I’ve been hitting a lot of blocks. I know the right one is there, lurking, waiting, but it’s just a matter of finding it and figuring out how to start it. My thoughts so far on some of the potentials:

Ragnorok: Space Vikings R:SV has been the popular choice of the people I’ve been asking and I tend to agree with them that not only would it be a catchy enough concept to draw people in on the title alone, but it’s just a fun fling into a light sci-fi story, intended to be a little cheesy, a little tongue-in-cheek, and therefor hopefully not genre-binding. But I’ve realized the main issue with doing R:SV is that I have a great concept….but I have absolutely no plot. I love what’s developed in what’s been written so far; there are a lot of great characters and great relationships between them, but I don’t have much for them to do except go around, fighting things and being vikings. I need a Great Big Event or an idea to make a plot out of it. Right now, not so much. I’m thinking of diving into some Norse myths for inspiration. If anything, if that works, I may just see what I can do to tell a space-age retelling of the Ragnorok myth itself.

Phantasmagoria I know I wanted to do a book inspired by the Phantasmagoria game for ages now, and I think I could easy whip something up within a few months. The only problem with this one is that I don’t think this is a genre I want to sort of start out with. Though I’ve dabbled in it a little, horror fiction is not my strong suit, nor do I particularly want it to be. So I think I might mostly be avoiding this one…for now.

Aryneth sci-fi Just because the fantasy side of Aryneth is being held off for more tradition means because it’s my precious little baby, that doesn’t mean the science-fiction side needs to be. However, I tried to write The Unknown Scourge last month, and was thoroughly uninspired. The same goes for the DRAFES chronicles. I could dig out my space cowboys or maybe try to develop me up some of the steampunk I’ve been wanting to toil in, but the inspiration is just not there.

General Fiction There is at least one untitled piece that I wrote a while ago, got to nearly 100 pages of it, about a young girl who rents out the old farmhouse inherited from her grandmother as a boarding house in an idyllic Northern Michigan resort town that not at all represents Traverse City, really. My concern with this one is not just that I feel there isn’t a strong enough plot/conflict, but also that it’s not interesting enough for a first flight.

There are, of course, countless others, but that’s where my brain stands now, and it will just be a matter of sorting through and figure something out so I can just get writing already!

And thanks to Jo Eberhardt for the subscription! I started reading her blog and it seemed a lot of fun, so check her out, too, if you haven’t already (because I find all these interesting new people to follow through the interesting new people I already follow)!

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