Random Friday Posting.

With today being one of those super fun awesome spectacular days that I work thirteen hours, today’s post is just going to be a light little insignificant thing as I cling to the last vestiges of the morning before I’m stuck selling people things they don’t really need for the majority of the day.

Things are…looking up. I had a very productive day yesterday, both in writing and in keeping my apartment nice and neat and not a potential scene for Hoarders. I’m still behind on my ROW80 rewrite, but I’m finally past the prologue, and I’m right on line with the July novel(heading into chapter two!). Even better, I hit up my favourite Literary journal database at NewPages (if you know of other good ones, send them my way!) and found another place to send out a story, something I haven’t done since March. That’s got to change, especially since I’ve been working on trying to at least start (and maybe one day finish) a bunch of short stories as well.

The story sent was “The Wartburg Incident,” which tells the story of Martin Luther throwing his inkjar at the devil while he was sequestered away in Wartburg Castle and writing his German translation of the New Testament. It’s an odd little piece, first person magical realism with a slightly religious undercurrent (though I am not religious; it just comes with the subject matter), of a random little factoid of history, so I’ve been having trouble finding a good home for it, but I intend to keep trying, because I know I love it, and so someone else out there has to love it, too. Wish it luck! And I hope everyone has a good Friday! Relax a little in my honour.

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