Success! ROW80 Round 2 Final Check-In.

I did it! Hooray!

Okay, so maybe the climbing a mountain motif is a little hyperbole here, but despite slacking off on the whole project (though, really, can you call having to work all the bloody time really slacking off?), I managed to meet my ROW80 goal of finishing a damn story by the end of the session. A baby goal, since I’m pretty sure I joined in about a third of the way into Round 2, but still a goal I struggled to make just due to really bad timing. However, I dedicated myself to not going to bed until I had brought the story around to its bloody conclusion. There were a few things left out; there are a few scenes I thought of that would bolster the story as a whole that should have been added, but, at the time, I just wanted it to be something with a perceptible beginning, middle, and end, and that is what we’ve got. It’s in desperate need of a rewrite, but the point is that there’s something there to be rewritten.

It’s a very…unoriginal story, I feel, and I think part of the reason why it was such tough going for me is that the idea is not essentially mine. The plot came from a coworker, with the possibility of it being used for a short film project. Still, I figure being able to write someone else’s ideas in a satisfactory manner is a pretty useable skill that could come in handy on the inevitable day when a writer allows her creativity to be compromised for the sake of being able to eat that week.

I still need a title for the damn thing. I’ll have to speak with Monika about it when she’s back from Atlanta, since it’s her husband who wants to make the film anyway.

I wrote straight for an hour and a half, and my left hand had actually began to cramp up toward the end. This is an astonishing feat for a woman with my attention span, let me tell you, but it feels good. If I can do it on this piece that I feel so half-hearted about, I can’t wait to get started on the next Round, where I’ll be dedicating myself to revising and rewriting my novel which is very close to my heart. Can’t we get started now? Do we really need an interim period? I guess I’ll just have to go back to focusing on my other fifty gazillion projects until then.


  1. patience patience – its only a few days break will race by.

    well done on the story – writing something that doesnt totaly inspire you is much more of an acheivement and proves you are a writer / wordsmith

    all the best and see you in round 3

  2. Well done! It’s an even bigger achievement considering it got tough. I kinda think it was a good exercise for you though, using a certain idea for a particular reason. I wish I could write like that.

    Best of luck with round three. 🙂

    • It was definitely a good exercise. Even if the results weren’t the best, it’s just the fact that I was able to pull through it and that’s very exciting.

      And thank you! Best to you, as well!

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