Now That’s Talent!

Something incredible has happened! I feel like I’ve finally come around and became a writer again.

No, it isn’t anything like publication or something Official like that. I’m still putzing around on sending in submissions to journals and magazines. But, you see, yesterday, I was writing some tags in my LiveJournal roleplaying game, Fandom High, and what I was putting out was not the usual functionary narrative, but actually very well written prose. Essentially, they were the sort of responses I used to write before I took a break from the game due to my life catching me up in a whirlwind. When I started playing again, I felt that the quality of my writing had diminished; then, when I’d write for my actual work, I felt that it just wasn’t up to par with what I used to compose. In a way, I worried that role playing had brought the level of my writing down into something more simplistic, immediate, and, for lack of a better word, LULZy.

I took a little bit of a break for two days, partly because I was working a lot, and partly because I wanted to dedicate more time to buffing up my 100 Books count and my page counts on my projects. But then yesterday I settled in to do a few threads, and I found myself absolutely loving the narrative I was putting down, lyrical and effective, and something I would happily transfer over on to another piece. It was writing that, even though it was for a game, made me actually proud of my talent, of my ability to weave words together into a pleasant description of an action, a thought, a feeling.

It’s a small victory, but one that’s left me feeling very eager to put out some great work today and it’s nice to have that little upswing and excitement again.


  1. Funny how life’s whirlwinds can suspend us from writing… and when we re-connect, it’s better than ever… glad you found your writer within again… that game sounds fun… and very good for “you” LOL

    • Heee, thanks! The game is a blast and a good way to just whittle away some free time or some creative energy. I’ve been playing it for over five years now, so that’s a good testimonial for it. ; )

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