“Bastards of Allok” Update.

You know, I was thinking that it’s pretty amazing that May is almost over. Usually, at this part of the month, I’m looking forward to the next one to arrive, because I’m ready to start up on a new novel, having gotten a little bored with the current one since I have a pathetically short attention span. This month is different, though. A few days ago, I might have been eager to get on to something else, but now Bastards of Allok is really starting to take off, I’m starting to get a much better idea of a plot that makes sense (and will likely be completely rewriting the first twenty-five pages to fit it) and I almost don’t want this month to end.

Granted, just because it’s a new month doesn’t mean I have to completely set it aside until I access which one I want to bring to a finish next year. I know I’ll try to work on it a little bit in June, but I know that the June novel and my start on A Round of Words in 80 Days in late June (although that may be closer to July, based on if they do a break or not). We shall see! All I know is that it’s really exciting to feel this energetic about a piece again. I really do feel my most passionate when I write my Aryneth books. College sort of hammered a lot of that out of me, so I’m feeling charged up to get totally back into it.

No post from me coming tomorrow, as I have to work extra early for Memorial Day sales while everyone else enjoys barbeque. D’aww, shucks.

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  1. erk. risu u captured my thuhgots >.> my sis and i saw it then i was likeZOMFG LOL IS THAT A GIANT SQUID EYE THING?@?@?!?!1!?!!//! XDu know, i think its just something to put on a table and scare halloween partiers with, but hey i may be wrong XD

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