Fandom High: Accepting Applications!

It’s time again for Fandom High open its doors for applications! I know I’ve mentioned Fandom High before; it’s a narrative-based LiveJournal role-playing game inviting any character from any movie, TV show, book, comic, etc, etc, to come live on an island full of wacky fun, thrilling adventures, and exciting battles! The island itself is based on Mont Saint-Michel and is usually located fictionally off the coast of Maryland. However, during the summer, the island has been traveling through time and space! So far, we’ve visited ancient Icelandic Vikings, Alexandria at the height of Alexander’s rule, the 1980s (via a hot tub time machine, of course!), and we’re currently located off the coast of a cyber-punk robot-ruled Japan. Who knows where we’ll go next?

Well, the Admins know, that’s the beside the point.

I’ve been involved in Fandom High for five years now; I did take a small break, but I went crawling back, because it’s incredibly addictive. You just create a journal for your character, and they post in a few communities to interact with other characters. My newest addition is Charlie Swan from Twilight, to work at the Trooper Station, which is run by Anakin Skywalker of Star Wars. It’s full of fun, zany characters and a lot of really great players. Sometimes I wonder if playing FH is a big fat waste of my time, but I love it too much. It’s a lot of fun, a great way to unwind, and I like to think it even improves my writing and my creativity to constantly put myself in the shoes of someone else’s character, and have to react to what other people write. It’s basically a great, big interactive story.

So please check it out! There’s a very helpful post on the main comm explaining it a little bit more, too! Applications are open until Sunday, June 19, so you’ve got some time! Hope to see you there!

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