Brainstorming for June.

As I’m keeping a good, steady pace on this month’s novel, as the month of May begins creeping to a close, I’ve been putting some thought into what June’s novel will be. I’ve had a few idea pop up; the most persistent ones have been making another attempt at The Unknown Scourge, the book that sets of the more science-fiction side of Aryneth; the other one is another stab at the first DRAFES book, which I tend to call “Harry Potter meets Ender’s Game but for adults.” Both are Arynethian tales, and both are books I’ve tried to write in the past without much success. I told myself I’d try to alternate between Arynethian books and “regular” book month to month, but I haven’t really thought of anything worthy for a novel to be more in the vein of non-genre fiction. I think this might be one of those situations where it’s still better to go with what you have the motivation for, rather than going with something you’re not feeling and forcing yourself to do. One must seize the inspiration while it’s there.

The only other inspiration I’ve had is fairly new. Last night, my roommate and I watched a film entitled Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, starring Jake Hoffman and Devon Aoki. Not the most stellar movie out there, but bizarre and entertaining all the same and there was a line regarding productions of Hamlet with vampires, which just got me to thinking if there are any other Shakespeare plays that could be bastardized with a vampiric twist. Hey, it worked for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, didn’t it? I’m not nearly as serious about this one as I am the science fiction book for the space battle school one, but it would be a lot of fun to write?

Any thoughts, dear readers, on which sounds the most appealing? I’ve still got a few days to decide, and usually, once the first of the month comes around, I’m probably onto something else entirely, but I at least like to pretend I try to plan these things out.

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