One is Silver and the Other is Gold.

It appears as thought I might be seeking out some new goals while keeping the old. This is either terribly ambitious and will be pretty productive for me, or I am clearly insane. I’ll lean toward a precious combination of the both.

Ben over at Magic of Ice Cream introduced me the other day to A Round of Words in 80 Days, which is one of those things that I’ve seen floating around WordPress but never really felt prompted to check out. I’m glad he said something, because he was right, it’s just the sort of thing my goal-obsessed writer mind could real take a liking to. And it’s just that word-of-mouth suggestion, that community of writers and projects floating about, that I was hoping to embrace through this blog, so that has me feeling pretty stoked about it, too.

Basically, it’s a project in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which takes place in November (traditionally; they’ve been mixing things up a little for those who have busy Novembers not conducive to novel writing!), only it’s a frame of 80 days and you set the goal yourself. Write a page a day for 80 days? Go for it! Finish a whole novel? Sure! A whole novel and it’s sequel? Good luck! Either way, you pick the goal, and, a few times a week (Sunday and Wednesday, I believe) you post a link to your blog talking about your progress on that particular project.

I love this idea. I’m pretty sure I don’t need another project added to my goal of writing a page of a novel every day already, in addition to my 100 books this year, but I do love a challenge and I’ve been thinking of something else to do to make myself more productive.

It’s half-way through a Round right now, so I’ll probably wait until after June 23rd before getting started, which gives me plenty of time to brainstorm, but that seems so far away right now! I’m sure it’ll get here in no time, though, and I’ve decided that I’m going to try to finally do the rewrite of my novel Serpent in a Cage for my first round. Highly ambitious? Hell yes. I’ll even be honest and say that it’s unlikely I’ll manage it (I’ve yet to meet the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo, after several years of trying and just getting distracted). But it’s worth a try. The skeleton of the novel is written so some of the work is even already done. I just want to make it better and I want to implement my ideas to change it, such as narrowing in on a more focused narrative to make it a more streamlined story. This means cutting out chunks of stories told from perspectives of characters outside the main three I’ve chosen, but it’ll give me the chance to elaborate and focus more on their stories.

It will certainly be interesting, and I’m excited to give this new project a try! If anything, I might spend the next few days trying to think of something to do within a month, since you can hop in at any time during the project and it’ll make the waiting for the next round a little easier!

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