Dream Drabbles: Soup!

It’s been a while since I’ve woken up to remember a dream that could be turned into a story; last night, I finally had a few, but there was only one, the last one before I woke, that really stuck with me and could be interesting to try to develop more. I find it interesting that it ultimately is a tale that takes place during a long, hard winter, while yesterday it reached 90 degree weather! Perhaps there was something in my brain that was trying to cool everything down.

Either way, it is a story that would require a little bit of research, historical fiction, in the pioneer/wilderness of the 1800s. In this respect, I feel it takes a lot from Willa Cather or L.M. Montgomery. The dream felt very Anne of Green Gables. It’s the story of a young girl who, during the start of a hard winter, finds herself in a position of helping a neighbour who would otherwise be miserable by sharing her fire and making some soup. The idea then enters her head to provide soup for everyone, especially those who can’t provide for themselves, and it gets them all through the hardship of the season.

It’s a little simple, a little hokey, but it could be a really fun tale once you start throwing in how the winter alters the relationships of the people in the village and how the soup brings people together. I got the impression from the dream that the girl was somewhat ostracized from the rest of her community; my brain kept leaning toward Mormon, and I’m sure there have been places in history where the Mormons were looked down upon. I’m no historian of that particular religion by a long shot, but that’s why so many moved to Utah if I remember correctly. So, as I mentioned, I’ll have to do my research and maybe see if there’s anything in particular that would match the time period I was thinking particularly well and go with that, should I decide to pursue this one.

One comment

  1. Sounds interesting! I’ve thought of dabbling with some historical fiction. I have a greatgrandmother with an interesting story, just not sure how many will take it if I use her character and write my own story. I’ve been trying to remember my dreams, but doesn’t seem I’ve had much of interest floating around in there lately!

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