A Return from Retail Hell…

So, some of my more regular readers (who are very awesome) may have noticed a little blip in my productivity this weekend. Usually, I’m pretty good about posting something every day except for most Sundays, but this weekend, it became an impossible task to post something decent that I could be proud of. I’m sure I could have whipped something up to fill up the space, but I thought it best to spare everyone that particular strain.

I work two retail jobs, both in the same mall, and during particularly busy shopping times (like, in this case, Mother’s Day), my life becomes crazy and I literally wake up (earlier than usual, too, to make it to opening my department for the extended Mother’s Day hours), have some coffee, go to work, work some more, go home, sleep, and repeat. Usually, it’s ten hour days followed by thirteen hours day, followed by a blissful only eight hour day. Physically and mentally, it’s exhausting, especially since both stores are guaranteed to be busy during those times. And to top it all off, these two jobs, if I want any sort of hours that count, I have to have open availability; neither of them schedule me the same amount of hours every time, and so some weeks, I’m lucky to have thirty hours. Other weeks, like this upcoming one, I’ve got 25+ hours at each job and at least two conflicting schedules, where I’m scheduled to work at both jobs and so I have to try to find someone to cover me, since I can’t just switch a shift, as I have no free days to switch.

And to top it all off, I only had a chance to write half a page yesterday, and that was all the progress I managed for the entire weekend. It’s a good thing that I was already ahead of myself in my page count goal; I’m still right on track and I hope to make up a little more buffer today.

Either way, the ultimate question (as well as what this has to do with writing) is this: do I really want to keep doing this to myself? Perhaps I’m just swayed by the fact that I’ve had a very trying weekend and I’m dreading having to try to sort things out for all the hours this week, but I’m contemplating if perhaps I really should drop one of the jobs. The main problem is money: the reason I have two jobs is because I can’t make enough on one of them to pay all my bills. But, ideally, if I dropped one of my jobs, I could take all that energy I used to spend on trying to shift around schedules and make everything work on my writing. If I work on my writing, perhaps I can make a little complimentary income here and there. Clearly not enough to even bother budgeting in, but just a little extra every so often if I’m lucky to buy myself the nice bread rather than the cheapest I can find.

Can I inspire myself to live more frugally so that, with some of the funds I’ve been saving up, I can still manage to stay on my feet if I drop one of the jobs? I know I’m just starting to get into a stride financially that I can actually save money and make ends meet nicely; would it be a complete backslide?

I think I’m going to see how the next few weeks pan out; maybe this week is just a blip, a glitch, something that hopefully won’t happen too often and things will settle down into something more manageable again.

Sigh. I swear, once all my loans are paid off? I’m fleeing away to the woods somewhere and sequestering myself in with a typewriter. But, unlike Thoreau, I’ll still pay my taxes.


  1. My wife and I use the 24 hour rule on major issues. We give at least 24 hours before we make important choices. The truth is that 24 hours normally winds up being much longer. Giving things at least 24 hours it gives you time to take the emotion out of your choices. Good Luck!

    • Yeah, that’s generally my take on things, too. Especially since I know I’ve been in this spot before and it does get better for a little while. I think, ultimately, I’ll try sticking it out for as long as I can, and then I’ll have an even better buffer for dropping something.

      And thanks!

  2. We usually do the 24 hour rule too! 🙂 You know inside yourself though, what is the best route to take for yourself. Do it and be happy!

  3. sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, while keeping your eye open for opportunity to improve the situation…which will happen when destiny calls your name.

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