Travel logs, traveling far!

Maybe it’s just because I have an unprecedented two days in a row off (yesterday and the glorious stretch of freedom that lies ahead of me today). Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been bright and sunny but a still a little too cold to do much outside. Maybe it’s that I’ve started a small workout routine in the mornings again, but I am really, really liking this month’s novel so far. I’m a good pace ahead of my goal, and I am just simply having a lot of fun writing it. I realize that it’s a great way to not only get inside a character’s head by writing as if from their journal perspective, but it’s a great way of revealing nuances in other characters, of falling in love with the scenery in my head and thinking of ways to describe it from someone who is actually looking at it and making a point to observe it.

I don’t know if the book will make much of a novel, to be completely honest. Not on its own, in any case; it’s definitely meant as a sort of supplimentary continuation of the more conventional books, but I might have to consider trying a few more journal-style writings from other characters. It would be a fantastic exercise in really feeling the character.

I can just picture it now: my room, which is already stuffed with notebooks, filled with even more, each one of them the journal of a different character on events that are occurring in what I’m trying to get into a novel. It would certainly be a lot of fun, and I’m such a geek about my world-building that I love the fact that these journals would actually exist and, in the later years, might be historical references and sources. It’s a tangible sort of complimentary source to the original material. I’m a big enough dork that, yes, I would love all those compendium resources to go along with the main thread of the stories through the main novel.

If that makes sense. I think I need a bit more coffee to speak on this topic in a more clear manner. But, basically, in a nutshell, I’m a complete nerd for this sort of thing. When I die, I want scholars to go through everything I ever wrote and gape at how there’s so much more than they expected! Tolkien-esque levels of depth and study into your own creations.

I also never got the chance to thank 1959duke for the subscription yet! So…thank you! Welcome! Excited to have you aboard!

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