Back to Life.

I know I usually skip Sundays; though I’m not particular religious, it’s still always good to be able to have a sort of day of rest every once in a while. I was out for the count a little longer, though, due to a faulty modem that all but killed out internet access. It’s back to life again, and it’s incredible. It’s made me realize how much I’ve taken it for granted when I feel so pleased and excited that a page doesn’t take three minutes to load.

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating.

Unfortunately, when I have a few off days like this, I’m never exactly sure what to write about. So I babble instead. I’m dragging a little behind in my page count for this month; I had an incredibly busy work schedule this weekend, and hope to make up for it today, which will be my glorious day off. I finally got through the prologue and have started on the first chapter; so far, keeping the heroine nameless has not been too jarring. I find I mostly have to ensure that I give other characters a name in short time, especially if they’re female, lest the pronouns threaten to become a jumbled mess. I look forward to actually rewriting the prologue, because I think it could be much better, but, of course, I’ll have to finish the whole thing first, so I should get on that.

Since I’m a numbers girl, the numbers for the blog in April look great! We’re almost to March’s numbers, and we’ve still got a lot to work with, so thank you everyone for all the views! I find that most of my views are coming from random searches on the books I’ve been reading, but it’s still pretty exciting.

And speaking of books, I indulged myself little and did pick up my usual three-book-splurge at a bookstore the other day, so now I’ve got three more books to add to the pile needing to be read. Vonnegut, Sinclair Lewis, and Stephen Colbert. Got to love that combination.

So there are your random snippets for the day, and now that I have working internet once more, I’ll hopefully have some more introspective posts to come. Today, it’s mostly just being glad that posting is no longer a hold-your-breath, hope-it-works chore. Don’t take your modems for granted, kids.


  1. I have the same situation today. Our internet just disappeared. With nothing to do at home, I joined my father to a trip. And yes I realize how I’ve been dependent to the internet (damn).

    I feel totally the same except that I haven’t bought a book in the trip since there was no time 😦

    • Hopefully it was a good trip, then! I had the benefit of having to work all week, so I didn’t even have time to miss the Internet, just to feel bad about not posting.

  2. I don’t like computer problems! I’m glad you have yours straightened out. 🙂

    And I think random, rambling posts are nice. It’s a great way to get to know you better.

    • Thankfully, it was an easy fix! And hopefully not too expensive; my roommate took care of it.

      And good to know you don’t mind the rambling, either. Because I do like a good ramble every so often. : )

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