Dream Drabbles: Summer Homes.

Last night’s dream was an interesting one, in that I’ve either had a very, very similar dream before, a long time ago, or I’ve read this book and/or seen this movie a long time ago, have completely forgotten the title of either, and have just modified it to my own tastes. So if this strikes a familiar chord in anyone and you can recognize what I might be taking this from, let me know. I could be wrong and it could just be an odd feeling of de ja vu, but who knows.

Either way, it would make for a really good novel, and it’s a nice sway away from the zombie horror fantasy stuff I’ve been cooking up a lot lately. It starts simply and the details as it goes along are a little blurry and work under dream mechanics, but that’s why it’s only a spark of something to be started and hammered out. Our main character is one of the five children of a family who owns a lake cottage in the woods, in a place in time that is very 60s. They usually bring along friends when they go for a week or so, and it’s usually the highlight of their summer. Down the way, along the river and through the woods in a setting that reminds me very much of my aunt’s own wooded path down to the lake in Port Huron, Michigan, is the very sleek summer home of a mysterious, almost James Bond like character. The main character knows very little about this man, except that her parents have long been discouraging them to bother him, but now her older brothers have started slipping out to attend the late night parties held in his swanky bungalow. Straddling the line between the still girlish innocence of her mind and the clear womanhood of her body, the main character decides she will go, too, dragging her friend along with her and finally meeting the mysterious and dapper man.

Driven by a Lolita-esque attraction to this untarnished young thing, something sparks within the man and a relationship, of sorts, starts up between them as the parties fade and the bungalow is given over to a period of reconstruction. He’s renovating things, updating them, and throughout the whole thing, this tearing down and building up of walls works as a metaphor for the girl’s uncertainty and the man’s determination. Meanwhile, as you have her sneaking off to this sleek and fancy aspect of her summer, she’s also dividing her time between the more pastoral and, in a way, innocent machinations of the beach and the hillsides, where she spends time with her friend. Her friend (who, in the dream, just happened to be Lady Gaga) has been experiencing a lot of success in her life (movies, music, I’m not sure what it will be…obviously it was music in the dream), but she’s been overwhelmed and finds the only time she’s really happy is when she’s there, at the lake house, in the summer time. Naturally, this sparks a new development in their friendship, and the girls discover that they’re actually in love with each other, that they find happiness with each other, but the main character is very confused. There’s that whole thing with the man in the swanky house and it seems that the more she tries to pull herself away, the more he tried to pull her in tighter…

Details, clearly, need to be worked out. There were many spurts of beautiful visuals throughout the dream: the girls talking about their love on a hillside meadow, a sensational scene where timing does not work out for the main character and the wall of a bathroom is torn down as she’s changing inside of it, and a vibrant setting of blue and greens. If I manage to avoid discovering that the reason why I’ve seen this before and why it was so vivid is because it is a movie or a book somewhere (I feel like I’ve read the girls’ story somewhere, and that it, being an older book, made it out to be just a declaration of friendship and its importance, but I read so much more into it), then I think this just might be my novel project for May.

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