Dream Drabbles: Soul Blazer!

Growing up, I was always playing a lot of video games, on a variety of different platforms, and my absolute favourites were always the action-adventure RPGs. There are, of course, the classics. The Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana. King’s Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory. But there were always some random, lesser known ones, loved by those who really enjoyed that beautiful age of SNES RPGs: Secret of Evermore, Mystic Quest, Legend of Gaia. And, last night, in my dream, I recalled Soul Blazer.

“Free the Frellians. Make Deathtoll pay.”

The basic idea behind the game is that you play a divine creature sent to restore the inhabitants of the world. They’ve all been spirited away by Deathtoll/Dark Gaia, and you have to go into a variety of dungeons; when you defeat bosses and monsters, you release the souls of the captured people and they return home. It isn’t always people, though; it could be anything. Dolphins. Talking tulips. My favourite was always a grandfather clock. Once you’ve conquered the dungeon and the people and things are back where they belong, you can go see them and get advice on where to go next.

Well, last night, I dreamed that I was a warrior trekking through the lands and defeating monsters to release the captive souls of other people. It was an incredibly random Soul Blazer recall; I can’t think of anything that might have inspired it, but I do remember waking up and thinking to myself: this would make an awesome novel. Those games had such unique and fun stories that it’s impossible not to be inspired by them. The only problem I can see is that it would be a little difficult to diverge enough from the story to avoid it being a complete rip-off. Part of me doesn’t care; I want to write it anyway, and I’m sure it’s own character and excitement will come out of it all on its own. The hero is already different in my head by being female, though her image right now is just cropping up to look like Saber.

A video game and an anime character. This post is turning out to be exceptionally nerdy. Only two more days until I start a new book. So what will it be? Zombies or a roaming knight freeing souls by killing things? The nice thing about the latter is that zombies can easily be worked into it. Maybe I’ll try an outline sometime today or tomorrow and see how it turns out. It was such a fun dream, and I’m sure it could be just as fun a writing project!

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