Off they go, like ships in the night…

First things first: my numbers for views in March is completely blowing January and February right out of the water! So I want to make sure I thank all the weary wanderer and a regular readers for stopping by and reading my babblings. It’s encouraging to know that maybe my attempts to keep my creativity flowing may also be entertaining for others.

And I’m also hoping some editors find my work entertaining. I’ve jumped right back into sending out some work, motivated by my post earlier this week about giving myself personal monetary goals when I send out a piece. So Lilac has been sent to the Apple Valley Review, Purgatory has been sent to Arch Literary Journal, The Wartburg Incident (still known to many as “Martin Luther Throws Things”) has been sent to Blood Lotus, and a handful of poems have been sent to Booth.

That covered my social indiscretions for Saint Patrick’s Day last night; there’s more plans for this evening, so I’m looking at needing to send out a few more things. The problem with this is that those pieces I sent yesterday were sort of the only finished pieces I have. I need to start writing more new material, but it’s just been so tricky getting the right motivation. It’s difficult feeling like any of these ideas inside my head are good enough for the majority of publications out there. But, at the same time, I won’t know until I give it a try. I won’t have anything unless I start writing, so no more complaints. Four more stories in one day. Should be a piece of cake, right?

…Well, if anything, I suppose there’s always Jolene and then remembering my Elfwood password so I can take down The Truth and Lies of a Body in the Snow and submit that somewhere…Ahem. I know almost every journal out there accepts simultaneous submissions so I could send out some of the same ones, but, again, it’s an OCD thing for me that I feel weird sending the same piece to multiple places all at once. If one journal rejects it, then I’ll consider it for a different one. And, really, this motivates me to write more pieces so I’ve got plenty to send around.

As with the last time I wrote about journals, I’m always up for hearing about journals you particularly like, or your own publishing success stories if you have them! Let’s hear them!

And, lastly, this post took forever to write, because I’ve had a cat intermittenly insisting on cuddling as I’ve been trying to compose it. Oh, kitty. So adorable and needy this morning!


    • Aww, thank you! For me, it’s not so much as a courage thing, as it is just a severe lack of material to send out….And it can be daunting, to approach an editor’s note that says, “We like good stuff so think twice before sending us your work!” and all you can think is, “Well, none of it’s really good, but…it’s all I got.”

  1. Exactly! Letting down are guard is suicide in this fight.But I degsarie on one point. Folks often wonder if it does any good to call outside their district, and what we are hearing from staffers across the county is that it depends on where the caller is from. Since California is considered a liberal state, our calls mean more. If WE don’t like the bill, it must really suck. And we are a huge fundraising state. So, I vote for call your district AND all those wishy washy lawmakers on the fence.

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