Dream Drabbles: Tina Fey and Indie Films.

I can’t help wondering if working on this blog and keeping my imagination charged and excited about writing as it tends to do is what’s leading me to remember my dreams better and to, in general, have such vivid dreams in the first place. Last night, there was one dream, but it felt like two, as they were only connected in the vague logic of dreams. The first involved me having to pretend to be Tina Fey hosting at the Emmy’s, which is a product of me watching a few episodes of 30 Rock yesterday, I’m sure, and was just a little odd, because I only resemble Tina Fey if I have my glasses on and you squint a lot. Yet I did well, with the only really notable faux pas being Anne Hathaway overhearing me whisper to Minnie Driver that I wished she’d won instead, in a very Liz Lemon moment.

And that dream somehow segued into a dream where my current roommate and I moved into a very small and trashy city apartment with two completely new characters to the scene, and that’s where the potential story shows up, about the relationships between these four characters and their shitty apartment and their shitty lives, ala Rent. So it all sort of had an indie film feel to it, as relationships spark between one of the girls and the dark skinned beauty of a boy, and then the other two girls, and it involved a very artsy scene of a small little ledge outside the window, precarious but beautiful with its view of the city, the wind whipping around as two of the roommates sat out there with legs dangling, talking, one of them smoking, before one of them leans forward and kisses the other and they make precarious, dangerous love out on the ledge. It was a beautiful, striking image for me and one I decided needed to inspire a story. Once again, a slice of life sort of thing, with no real plot but the lives of these individuals and their doings, but there’s still something satisfying in things like that. If there wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be getting obsessed with shows like Skins.

Also, on second though, the vividness of my dreams last night might have had more to do with the three slices of pizza I ate before bed rather than any sort of residual inspiration from keeping up with my writing…

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