Dream Drabbles: Ghost Cops!

Every so often, I have a dream so vivid and inspired that it needs to be remembered for use in a story one day. It would be a shame, after all, to let those plots go to waste. I’m notoriously bad at forgetting what I dreamed about an hour or so after I wake up, so I’m determined to at least mention them here and get some feedback. Plus, it helps me remember the details. It’s already worked; the last one was in February and I could only remember one detail, but I just looked it up, there it was, and now I remember. So it’s definitely a good device for my poor, hazy memory.

This dream, as you can see by the title, involved ghost cops. How could you go wrong with a premise like that? Essentially, it takes place in a small town police station, and the sergeant is staying late for some work. She notices a few of her officers also hanging around a little bit later, which is strange because she thought they left, but that’s fine, they can keep her company on the slow, quiet night. Something’s a bit…off about them, though. And then she gets a call or a message on the radio about a car crash in town…one mortality. And that mortality just so happens to be one of the officers she was just talking to!

Well, that sufficiently freaks her out, but it also inspires her to try to figure out how to tell them that they’re dead and try to figure out what happened to the other two, to lessen the shock if she has to discover it like the first one or simply to better know how to deal with the fact that three of her officers have died in one night and it will be up to her to bring the bad news to their families.

There’s a twist of an ending, too, but I won’t say that part, to avoiding ruining the surprise if I ever do get around to writing this one, but I do really like the premise and it could be fun to write. I love when I have great, inspired dreams like that! It feels so random and I have no idea what may have inspired it, but, I don’t care, I’ll take it!

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