The Music Within Makes Me Whole.

I was thinking that I just might do a post about music and writing. Though I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a knowledgeable expert or anything like that, I do like music and I’m passionate about it and, most importantly, I’m inspired by it. The song that inspired that inspired this post is the Kings of Convenience’s Gold in the Air of Summer, which I was listening to the other day and thinking, “What a phenomenally written song.” I love when there’s a song that gives you visuals in a line that make you envious because you didn’t think to use it in a story. Case in point: “The house is white, but the paint is coming off.” It’s such a simple line, but I adore the way it’s written and the image it invokes. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful story to begin with, too. I enjoy songwriters that are such great poets, too.

I wasn’t sure I could write a whole post about music inspiring my writing, though, because the truth is that it usually doesn’t. I have music going on in the background when I write up this blog, thanks to Pandora, and if I’m out at a coffee shop writing, I’m listening to my MP3 player, but, for the most part, the music itself doesn’t really inspire me. There are a handful of exceptions, of course. I feel that when something instrumental shows up, I have a really great flow. Classic rock in the vein of Zeppelin and Floyd is always inspirational, and there’s always the likes of Regina Spektor, Iron & Wine, Owl City, Postal Service, the aforementioned Kings of Convenience that have such quirky and beautiful poetry in their lyrics that they make me want to write terribly atmospheric pieces about love.

But I think the ultimate deciding factor in going ahead and writing a post about music was the fact that I picked up Cake’s new album, Showroom of Compassion, today. It’s no secret that I will choose Cake as my favourite band in a heartbeat when asked such a question, and it is an ambition of mine to one day create a whole series of short stories inspired entirely by Cake songs. At the moment, I only have one written, “Jolene,” but it was such a college story that it’s well-overdue for a reconsideration. I’ll spare you a review of the actual album, especially since it’s Cake and that could get incredibly lengthy, but I definitely think I want to try to tackle a new “Cake Song” story sometime this month or next.

How’s your connection with music and writing? Are there certain songs or bands or pieces that really move the words out of you onto your paper? What are some lyrical songs that really capture your imagination or your envy in wishing you’d thought of such a great image yourself? And, if you’re a Cake fan, do you have a favourite song? I’m such a fan that it’s hard to know which song I want to focus on and write a story about, so I just might take those answers and run with them. Or it’ll be completely different, knowing how things usually go with me. Who knows?

I think it’s also interesting to note that the music playing while I wrote this has been Ludacris, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Just like with my reading, I’ll listen to just about anything…

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