Productivity Report.

Today was another day I was hoping to have another book finished, to write about today, but, once more, my days off of work are deceptive in their ability to be productive for me. Netflix, I’m realizing, is one of the greatest enemies to my freetime (it was Skins, this time, rather than Weeds); the days when I do have to go to my various jobs and sundries, however, are far more productive because I structure my time around something that doesn’t involve me being lazy and useless and, therefor, I manage to get more done. Go figure.

I have been keeping up well with this month’s novel, though. I’m being much better about holding myself down and forging through at least the required page before I let myself be sucked into the fake drama of television shows. One would think there’d be enough drama in the real world to not need to live vicariously through suburbian pot deals or British teens, but it’s just so addicting! And it could be worse. It could be reality television.

And I know I do want to be writing. It’s just when there’s a lot going on, you want to be able to distract yourself from it. So you turn on the TV. You putz around the Internet for a while. You don’t have quite the motivation to sit and scribble down words. At least I don’t. I’m feeling it today, though, so I will hopefully have a productive morning before I have to ship off to my retail job. I’ll keep the faith up that this inspiration will still be there when I return, but I’m typically useless afterwards. We shall see.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more interesting to write about, too.

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