Writer Quotes.

I had fully intended to have another book finished for today, but, in the grand tradition of days I get off, I wind up not getting as much work as I intended done and doing something like marathoning Weeds off Netflix. So we do a writer quote today, and one from Terry Pratchett because starting a Pratchett book was something I did manage to accomplish yesterday.

“Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” -Terry Pratchett

The only objection I would have with this quote is that it neglects to acknowledge the fun one can have reading, especially if it’s one of Pratchett’s books, but I suppose you could argue that that isn’t by yourself; the writer is involved with that, as well, so Pratchett wins again. This is the kind of quote that inspires me to write, reminds me why I want to be a writer in the first place, and keep the fun part of it in the forefront of my mind. What’s the point if it isn’t fun? And it doesn’t have to be funny or satirical to be fun; getting even extreme emotions out of your characters has a certain sort of joy in it. Creating something, taking journeys through these events and places and situations in your own imagination. It’s the kind of quote that makes me want to write more pirate books, more space books, more dragons and fairies and other things that don’t seem to otherwise exist in the world around us, and to find the magical elements in the more every-day fiction I create.

So enough talk here. I’ve got some writing to do.


  1. A quote from Carpe Jugulum that I always enjoy: “Remember — that which does not kill us can only make us stronger. And that which does kill us leaves us dead!”

    • Oh, I love Carpe Jugulum! But, then again, my saying I love a book by Terry Pratchett is like saying that water is wet, fire is hot, kittens are cute….

  2. Heh, ditto! I love the books featuring the witches, especially Witches Abroad and the Tiffany Aching series. Everything’s better with a little Nanny Ogg.

    • I haven’t gotten a chance to read as many of the witches books as I would like! I’ve been mostly a Watch kind of a girl, but I’ve read all those so it’s time to branch out, that’s for sure. Witches Abroad will be my next Pratchett book after I finish Eric, then! I just picked it up yesterday.

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