A Posting a Day…

It’s always a little discouraging when my goal to write a post a day goes to pieces so soon, but I’m not entirely surprised. But now I’m intending to be back, and, hopefully, I can keep from being lazy off at least for another week.

The unexpected hiatus was a little ironic, though, considering the next topic I planned on addressing was the fact that, since I started this blog, I have been able to write so many new little snippets, it’s a little astounding. Nothing complete or whole or finished yet, of course, but, in the hours of work where I have little to do, I find myself easily thinking up new ways to start different stories. This is something I had been struggling with lately, and it’s so liberating to finally start to be able to look at a blank piece of paper and, in moments, fill it up completely. Whether or not anything comes from it, whether or not it’s any good, it doesn’t matter. It’s something. And that’s what counts.

Now, if only I can remember to apply that same philosophy to this blog….


    • Thanks! I used to have a Mon-Fri gig, but now things are much more sporadic, and I don’t think that helps with the consistency factor that can really help with this sort of thing. But there’s no excuses, you just have to get right back on again.

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